Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation from Vacation....please

My awesome parenting skills are totally coming into play now that we are on to week 2 of summer vacay.

SAY IN ROBOT VOICE: I am the RED Mother who must be obeyed!

I can't stop yelling at my kids.
The sad part is, I am using up my scream allotment for the entire summer in the first 10 days .
I don't understand why my son can't read my mind. He is my yard slave this summer, yet every time I turn around he has showered because in his world, he is finished working for the day. WHAT?!?
Working for the day means working ALL day.
What part of that is hard to understand?

I am already tired of my kids bugging each other....My 17 and 8 year old drive each other nuts.

80% of their exchanges end like this: Laila is crying or whining and Monson is threatening or irritated.



Which brings me to Trek.
Our Stake pioneer trek is this week.....We get to be a Ma and Pa......but.....
I will have to be on my best behavior.
I will have to stay positive in the midst of teenage complaints.
I will have to sleep on the ground, in a tent that I can't stand up in.
I will have to face the elements.... most likely wind ( which I HATE) and rain.
I will have to have an excruciatingly good attitude!
OH man, It's exhausting just thinking about it.

Okay....Week 2 of Summer Vacation....only 10 more weeks to go.


Teri said...

Love the honesty Mel!
I think we share the same teenager. Yikes!

Kimi said...

I hear ya sister!

So sad I can't go on TREK. Hahahahahahaa! Not really.

Don't worry, it'll be like cleaning someone else's house. Other people's kids won't bug you nearly as much as your own.


Si said...

You make me laugh, big time.
You need to confess about the hooch on Trek...