Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday-

1. I am thankful the Choir trip is over. It was great to be with the kids and laugh and cry and sleep on the bus with them. Sleeping on a bus is much like child birth. I forget how difficult and uncomfortable it really is.....and they both make my butt hurt.
I enjoyed Sea World, Padres Game, the zoo, Lion King, Catalina Island, Old Towne San Diego, shopping, Harbor Cruise, dancing and laying comatose in my hotel bed at the end of every day.
Laura and I got matching tye dye "Save the Dolphins" jackets in San Diego.
We were freezing and we thought that jackets were fun!

2. I am thankful that Summer is here--- School is out tomorrow and I am in my "element."

3. I am thankful for my first born son....Addison. We celebrated his 24th birthday on Monday. Well actually, he celebrated it with his girl friend's family in Jackson Hole...but I heard about it. His dyslexia kicked in and at one point instead of reading aloud to Bre's entire extended family, "Gossip..don't pass it on." He said, with all confidence, "Gossip, don't piss on it." He knows how to make a lasting impression, that's for sure.
I am also thankful that he got into Pirates of Penzance at Hale Theatre.

4. I am thankful my missionary son is sending home "aha moment" letters. He is growing and gaining insights already. This is Marian who had to have 8 tries to be successfully baptized.

5. I am thankful that I got to hear Pres. Eyring speak at our Stake's Seminary graduation. It was amazing. He talked abut having a change of heart and wanting what the Savior wants in our lives. He was personal and straight forward and wonderful. What a blessing.

6. I am thankful.

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Souza Family said...

I love those jackets. I used to tye-dye a lot, I would love a tye-dye hoodie.