Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ingrid the Gardener

My yard is flowers in sight yet, and weeds and vines are everywhere.
Ingrid, my Gardner from Norway, showed up today to work in my yard.
(She looked so cute in her garden clogs and head scarf--Addison can verify this.)
I am so glad to have some help with this ever growing project.
Ingrid doesn't come around very often. She is so busy doing other stuff......and
I am not really complaining about my gardener, but......
She has a hard time knowing what to pull out and what to leave when weeding.
She has a hard time working in the heat.
She has a hard time bending down, kneeling down and getting back up again.
She has a hard time staying on task.
She has a hard time finding the right tools to use.
"Isn't a rock just as good as a hammer?"
Sometimes when she is muttering stuff under her breath, I can't understand her.
I guess one of these days I am just going to have to do it myself!


erin noelle said...

Are you serious? You have a Norwegian gardener who doesn't really like to garden? huh? Am I missing an inside joke?

addisonwelch said...

It's interesting how much Ingrid looks a lot like my mom, except for glasses and a head scarf, oh and her accent.

erin noelle said...

GOT IT. Thanks Addison! Cute girlfriend btw

Si said...

Don't you know Japanese gardeners are the BEST. Fire Ingrid, hire Sayo.