Monday, June 7, 2010

Elephant Rock Hike

We hiked to Elephant Rock ( that's what the locals call it, but it's really Big Rock) up Mueller Park Canyon on Saturday. We put on our most mis-matched, colorful clothes, hats and sunglasses and we headed out.
It was a gorgeous first day of Summer vacay.
Monson, Laila, Wayne and I all went on the 6+ mile round trip hike.
Laila was so excited. She has been wanting to do this for awhile, but we had to make sure she knew it was a "walk" not a "carry." She is so light weight that it's easy to want to pick her up still....but she is 8, and she walked the entire way. She made sure we all knew it was much harder for her since she had to take two steps for every one of ours.
Wayne only felt like he was going to fall off/ down the mountain twice.
"I got your back dad."
Laila was sure she could save him.
It was great to climb out onto the rock, up on top, and then relax on the bench. There is a "WAYNE" carved into the bench that Monson gave Wayne a bad time about....vandalism and all. It was a fun family activity.
We topped it off with Costa Vida and Orange Leaf ---mmmmmm!!

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Laur said...

Holy Cow I could go for some Costa Vida. And did you see Truman's name on that bench? Because he totally wrote his name up there.