Friday, May 7, 2010

The Poulters

I LOVE my Cousins!
Zac and Becky Poulter are the kindest, nicest, most original couple around.
They are true individuals!
Zac and Becky were high school sweet hearts and have been having a love affair ever since. They are so tender and sweet to each other.

Zac is so creative, he is a true Artist. He really is amazing. He sees the world different than other people. He designed his own house with the kitchen literally being the biggest room in the house and the center- hub of the house that all rooms go off of. He is always changing, painting, decorating, moving, re arranging something in his house, yard, life.

We were partners with Zac and Becky with XAX Design from 1997 to 2003. We did signs and banners, car wraps and stickers....anything with vinyl and we were in. We were on the cutting edge of sayings in houses. We had van "wraps" on our cars. I drove a huge dinosaur van around for 2 years. The grade school set loved it. IT was advertising for what XAX did. I painted furniture pieces with big sticker pictures on them that looked like a painting. It was fun.
We made a "good" living, but the best part was the creative aspect and wives day.
Becky and I would go to work with "the Boys" once a week. We would organize or do what ever was needed, then go to lunch and some days to a matinee movie. It was great to be together.

Zac always talked about having a limo as the ultimate family vehicle. The kids would love it, the teenagers would use it for dates--prom etc..., and as the parents you could just roll up the dividing window and not have to listen to the kids fight while you traveled.

Well this past spring the Poulter family got their wish. They were shopping around for another suburban ( boring) when they stumbled upon a Limo ( exciting) on ebay.
What a hoot!
Can you imagine pulling up to the grocery store or church in this?
I love it!
That's Zac as the chauffer for his daughter's prom date.



erin noelle said...

I LOVE people like this. I wish I knew them.

believe it or not, my verification word is "immatur" like fur shur

Si said...

Brookie needs to meet Zac and Becky. When she was little she said she wanted to buy a limo when she grew up. We tried to explain that you just don't BUY a limo to drive. Guess were wrong!