Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Random Thursday

I haven't done Thankful Thursday for quite some time.....I'm feeling badly about that.
So here goes......

1. I'm Thankful that Truman only has 6 days left before he is outta here! MTC watch out! I loved the tribute he paid to each of his siblings in his farewell (shindig) talk. He spoke about what each of them taught him. Addison is the "goofiest guy" he knows and taught him to Love Life. Landon has gone through trials and struggles and has come out the other end with a testimony of God....he's taught Tru to Love the matter what. Monson taught him to be true to himself and Love himself. Laila taught him to Love unconditionally. I am thankful for all of these comments.

2. I'm Thankful for non picky children.........(and I'm thankful for picky ones too.)
Laila is freaking out about her shoelaces. She just got cute new skeecher's with sparkly laces and if they are not tied exactly" even" and "right" she loses it.
Melts down.
The laces have to lay, once tied, directly across the shoe. No crooked, pushed up, jumbled, screwy laces for her.
I have witnessed the melt down 3 times now.
We have had conversations about...."they are just shoe laces"...."nobody cares what your shoe laces look like"....."Do you judge other kids by their shoe laces?"...all to no avail.
Oh, it's been an amazing shoe lace journey this past week.
She is only really happy when she wears her one pair of bell-bottom jeans thar can cover up her pesky laces.
I had no idea that one small child could feel so strongly about shoe laces.

3. I'm thankful for my laugh. I have a hearty laugh. I laugh loudly.
I like my laugh and I'm not afraid to use it.
I have been known to be the ONLY one in a full movie theatre to laugh at something that I found funny.
At times, this embarrasses my children.....and service club.
I don't care.
It's my job.
We were out to eat with the boys at Tucano's restaurant. Something happened that I thought was funny. I let out a laugh....and the waiter commented, " that's quite a laugh. You sound like a feminine Santa Claus."
Not kidding.
That's what he said.
A female-Santa.

4. I'm thankful I can cuddle with my daughter. She loves this as part of her bed time ritual. I like it too.....but what I like more are her reasons for wanting to cuddle with me.
"Mom, can you cuddle with me, cuz pretty soon I'll be married and then you can't"
"Mom, can you cuddle with me, cuz I'm going to miss touching you when your dead."
She is so thoughtful.
After I cuddled with her, I was walking out of the room and Laila shouted..."Remember, I want a hot pink coffin!"

5. I'm thankful for Wayne's Uncle Earl....and all of the Israelsens for that matter. Uncle Earl passed away on Sunday. He was 82. He was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Pulmonary Fibrosis. He has been on oxygen and in the hospital ever since. He had a great final two weeks on this earth. He gave blessings, told jokes, spoke to each of his children and grandchildren. Visited with siblings and friends. He discussed how excited he was to go on to Heaven and see his parents and brother. He got his temple recommend renewed two days before he died. He woke up on Sunday morning, got all shaved and spiffed up so he would look good for his sweetheart, Marilyn. They were really excited about his leaving this world, and going on to the next. While taking the sacrament on Sunday, he passed away. How great is that? Talk about being totally ready to meet your maker.

6. I'm thankful Laila loves dance. She just finished being in the Chinese dance for the Swan Lake Ballet that Creative Arts Academy put on. It was wonderful. I was impressed with the whole show. One of the things I love about Ballet, is the classical music that is danced to. It's soul inspiring.

7. I'm thankful.


Melanie said...

Your laugh is the best, especially at service club when Jonah laughs because you laughed.

Lesley said...

Stories about Laila just make me LOL and simply smile.

BTW-I've been told that my hubby was VERY picky about his shoelaces when he was a young boy.