Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quote wars

Truman and I are having chalk-board-door wars.
I keep putting quotes up that I think will inspire him and help him with his missionary future...

"The secret to missionary work is work."

"Never put off til tomorrow what you can do today."

"Attitude is everything......and prayer."

I want him to make lists and think and plan, right now, how he will be a great missionary. I want every day to be filled with thoughts of missionary work/ temple work/ scriptures and studying.
Tru just rolls his eyes.
He wants to fill his days and very late nights, saying goodbye to friends and having farewell sushi, farewell hip hop, and farewell facebook posts. What's important to him is Goodbye girl friends and Goodbye Geo-cacheing.

Mamma say no. Mamma want a plan.
I just know my door quotes will help him.

Tru keeps erasing my inspiring sayings and putting up his own, in an effort to get me to lighten up.

He wrote ........

I didn't say anything. I just quietly re-arranged his quote to get my point across....ONE MORE TIME.

He didn't say anything.
Today I came home and the above is erased and in it's place is.....

"Harry Potter is a Wizard."

I don't know if he's giving up or giving in...or just trying to confuse me.
I love my T.


Melanie said...

Love your chalkboard door so much! I am trying to find a good place for one in my house.

Si said...

You will SO miss him...