Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Will this.....

And this..... (over 1,000 nuts, bolts and screws....)

Ever be this?

Wayne and Laila got this playground/swing set from Costco on Saturday. It was quite a project just getting the boxes loaded into the truck and then dragged into our garage.
Laila thinks we should just snap our fingers and the swing set should magically appear.....I agree with her.
Wayne and Monson started last night by tackling the picnic table. IT took 2 hours. Well, to be fair just finding the numbered pieces of lumber took an hour.

We are hoping it will actually get put together and she won't just be playing with wood and boxes all summer.

Trent Price we need you!!!!


Jill said...

I feel Laila's pain. We bought one from Sam's a few years back, and it took us about 2 weeks to put it together. Sad thing is we moved and left it. Never again will we build one. Good luck!

Si said...

Yeah, I drove by and saw your boxes sitting in the garage. Thought, I need Wayne's number so i can text him and tell him there are a lot of boxes and a mini picnic table taking up the parking space on his side of the garage... ;)

Braydon and Erica said...

braydon can put anything together. Call him!