Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mustache March

March is here...and y'all  know what that means.....?....drum roll please.....

I didn't used to associate March with Mustaches, but thanks to my Truman....I do now.
He made a big deal out of this last year as a SBO at BHS...and really went all out with Mustache March Mania.
This year we found a little .25 cent machine to buy fake mustaches.  We have had a blast with these.  We have worn them as an audience at a choir concert, while watching one of Monson's basketball games, eating dinner......around town.....you get the gist.  

 My joy now is sharing the Mustache March Madness  with unsuspecting family and friends.

"Hi.  It's March Mustache Month.  Please put this mustache on and I'll take your picture."

It's amazing how many people will do this.

All Good Sports.   (WHo is on the phone?)

The Gold Mustache is the worst.   It looks like Peanut Butter lip.  I'm glad I have silly friends.

Watch out!! I may be knocking on your door next with a camera, a mustache and a request!!!


Laur said...

terrific. We were laughing so hard at that choir concert... Truman just says, "I have something for you and you are going to love it." Enough said!

Kimi said...

Ya'll KNOW I put EVERYONE to SHAME with my "LUIGI!"

If I could grow that thing, I WOULD!

(Maybe just for March, though.)

Thanks for sharing your stash of 'stache, Melinda!

No one knows how to make fun from thin air (and a little lip-hair) like you do.

erin noelle said...

Kimi, you look like Sonny Bono.

Lesley said...

A very fun Post!!

Rachelle said...

Awesome! I want to know where that machine is! Also, I loved hearing your testimony yesterday! Love you Melinda!