Sunday, February 21, 2010


We held our Welch family annual Sweetheart's dinner.  It's always good to get together and celebrate Wanee's birthday with all of the siblings and spouses.
Wanee is an amazing woman.  She is an angel mother.  She loves a good story and loves to laugh. She is so full of service, compassion and unconditional love. (Believe me she has lots of "conditions" that surround her....and she loves them all, us all, anyway.)

I had this Sweetheart's dinner brainstorm years ago..... We used to all get together and could only spend $2.00 in proclaiming our love for our spouse publicly.  It was fun to see how clever everyone could be, as we went around a circle and talked about why we loved our spouse...... And... if they couldn't be clever, atleast they were  sincere and heart felt.  We would clap at the end of each presentation. The husband and wife would smooch....all very lovely.

Gifts from the past, that I recall......include:
 Top Ten Reason's Why I love Wayne,  in a David Letterman List book.
Original poetry
Batteries  to the tv remote control relinquished.
Lemon Meringue pies.
Scout memorablia organized
Mission letters organized
Videos put together
A "to do " list accomplished
Nights of "lovin" promised...
Rare things talked about....
Songs sung
It was actually really great while it lasted.  It's been years since we celebrated this way.  When  Wayne's dad, Tom, passed away we changed this to a Sweetheart Birthday celebration to honor Wanee.
Laila got an email account this week.  It was a huge reward for reading minutes etc....  SHe has been begging for one for a long time.  I figure I'll help monitor it and we'll see.  It has actually been fun.  She checks it a lot, and is thrilled when she has mail. This has taken little-kid-notes to a higher level.
This past week I received  a ...."glad you are my mom, thanks for feeding me." And a note that said, "I like your home made hats."   
I just checked my email and she informed me of this:

------ Forwarded Message
From: Laila Welch >
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 14:04:28 -0800 (PST)
To: Melinda Welch >
Subject: Re: laila
glad I'm not in haiti


erin noelle said...

Deep Thoughts by Laila Welch.

Melanie said...

Darling. Friday when she was here my construction worker friend saw her pop around the corner and he said, "where did you come from?" She looked right back at him and said, "New Jersey, but I am Puerto Rican."

Laur said...

Great stories of Laila! Truman substituted in my primary class with me on Sunday and he was at a farewell of a friend; I asked Laila, "Where's Truman?" "Oh he's at Jon's house." hahaha. Truman walks in 2 minutes later, Laila turns around "TRUGUY!" hahaha

Also the "word verification" word I got today is "amprilyt" does that not look like armpit to you?

MCC said...

me too!