Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love at Home?

Wouldn't it be sooooo funny, if while practicing the song, LOVE AT HOME, with your 8 year old daughter, she would have a snotty attitude, get in a "mood" and refuse to sing. Which in turn "pushes your buttons", which sends you flying off the handle-- spanking her bottom and sending her to her bed room?

Wouldn't that be so ironic?


Well that's what happened while Laila and I were preparing our special musical number for church.

I was asked to sing in church a while ago.  I thought Love at Home would be great for this Love day.  While I was practicing it, Laila wanted to know why they never asked her to sing.  I said, tno problem.......she could sing with me.  I was suppposed to put something this would be great.  She was excited and agreed.  She has a lovely, mostly on pitch soprano voice.

What should be a lovely mother/daughter experience, has turned into a fight.   

Why did I put her name on the program?
Why didn't I just leave mine on it, and then, if she was in the mood to sing--- announce her? could have turned out so differently.  Why am I such the "natural-mom"?

We have since forgiven each other.
We are smiling and breathing....and moving forward.

We have practiced a few times through.....never with accompaniment, and never the right words......
We will sing LOVE AT HOME.....on Valentine's day.....whether we feel it or not.

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MCC said...

You two will do a wonderful job...probably through tears, but that is how we Cole girl's are. Mothering is such an adventure.