Sunday, February 7, 2010

Laila is Baptized

Laila’s Baptism day is over!
It began with her waking up Wayne and me at 7am and shouting,” it’s my baptism day!  Wake up, wake Up.”  It was better than Christmas for her.  We tried to convince her to let us sleep til 8—but she kept giving us time updates every few minutes.  7:07, 7:23, 7:38….you get the idea. 
She asked everyone at our house and anyone who called on the phone, "what it felt like to be baptized?"  I told her…"it felt Wet.”.   She didn’t like that answer.

The Baptism time finally arrived.  She got in her beautiful white  dress and we took pics with everyone in the house.  I knew it was only going to get crazy from this point and we wouldn’t have any type of picture time later…..I was right.

We had a stake baptism with 5 kids.  Monson was the speaker…he spoke on the gift of the Holy ghost.   The Bishop presented Laila and said in the interview Laila said, she was “thankful for her family the temple, being sealed, well really I’m just thankful for everything in the whole world, except for spiders.”
Laila got to share this day with Heather Kofford.  Her best friend since birth.  We had pictures displayed showing her and Heather sharing a blanket at 4 months, and now today.  It was precious.    
Truman baptized Laila.  She wanted to give him some practice before his mission.  
We all crowded into the font room---literally standing room only—there was 3 kid's families and friends all there….it was crazy.
Laila got baptized and her feet almost came out of the water…they just flew up….that’s all I was focused on.  I couldn’t see her face—too many people. 
When Truman pulled her up, Laila thought her feet had poked out too—she had a dazed look on her face.  She was fine. Her feet came up but didn't break the water.
  By the time I got back to the dressing room, she was standing there dripping and cold. 
I asked her what it felt like and she said, “Cold on the outside and warm on the inside.”  We got her dressed and out to the chapel for the confirmation.  We had to wait a while for Heather—but that’s okay because Laila got to sit by and chat up the Bishop. 

Laila’s confirmation circle of love was huge.  We had plenty of family and friend support.  We feel very blessed in this area.  
Wayne offered a beautiful, sweet and very thoughtful blessing to our little girl.

I (we) presented Laila and Heather with baptism- towels to remember this day.  (Thanks to Nan Bruske for getting these together.)  Laila bore her testimony and told the congregation how she felt about cold on the outside and warm on the inside.  She also said she couldn’t stop smiling through all of her confirmation and even through all of Heathers.    She put in a little missionary plug at the end….”you can get baptized at any age…” then quickly sat down.  So cute.   Good thing she is used to having people chuckle at what she says….because she is funny and we all were laughing.

We came to our home afterwards and had a huge shindig….so many people and great food.  This was a rehearsal for Truman’s big day when we will probably have twice as many here.  

Laila wrote in her  new journal about being baptized….and her day…she now wonders what it will feel like to be baptized for the dead.  In her night prayers…for the first time…she asked me to leave the room.  She told me she had some repenting to do and that’s best done in private.  She’s right.  I listened in though, and she asked the Lord to help her not to have melt downs and to be kinder to her brothers. 
She is fasting for the first time with the Holy Ghosts help.  
She is fasting for the children in Haiti.  She came up with this one by her self, of course.

That’s my baptism report


Laur said...

Laila is amazing. This brought tears to my eyes. I love that girl. Love your whole family.

Alberto, Sara, Allie, and AJ said...

Not sure if it is the fact that I am pregnant or just that mom thing, but this post is making me cry. Congratulations to Laila. What a special day.

Lesley said...

She is amazing.