Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baptism Countdown---Thankful Thursday

Laila's Baptism is coming up.
She had her bishops's baptism interview while I was away.....( teacher meetings)....but Wayne was able to go and just had a great time with her and Bishop Barlow.  He said, that Laila really made both of their nights.
The bishop asked Laila to pray.....

"Thanks that I could get baptized.  And bless that no part of my body will poke out of the water so I don't have to get baptized a second time.  And thanks for the promotion...well not really a promotion, but thanks that I could do this thing...."

Laila bore her testimony to the bishop and pretty much covered everything......
Wayne recalled the following comment.......

"Joseph Smith is my favorite person in all of the Scriptures because even when the devil was distracting him,  he just kept praying. "

Laila is ready to get baptized.

She came to us very spiritual and continues to amaze us with her insights.

We have the dress.
I have to get white underwear still......she reminds me of this daily.
I have the invites out, and the food for the party afterwards all arranged.
Truman is doing the baptism.  Laila wants Truman to practice before the goes on his mission.
Laila get's to share this baptism day with one of her dear friends...Heather Kofford.  This makes it just perfect for both of them.

My baby is getting "promotion"...where has the time gone?


erin noelle said...

LOVE HER. No one like Laila.

Melanie said...

So sweet. What an angel she is.

Lesley said...

I don't even know Laila, but it is clear she is a very special girl. I hope you all enjoy her baptism day.

Jo Murdock said...

Happy Baptism Day, Laila! We love you!