Saturday, October 10, 2009


Addison is playing Icabod Crane at the end of this month up at Weber State. He is the star in the new musical, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow--by Jim Christian.
He is very excited to do this spooky, creepy part.
The down side is he has had to grow out his facial hair, so it can be shaved off to long mutton chops.
He called this week and told me about these  "chops" -- and how nasty they are, much to his dismay.

Well... I told him, maybe they would be a "turn on" to the ladies if he put the right spin on them.

He came home yesterday so I could see him and the chops first hand.....
I think he looks like Wolverine- of XMen fame.
What do you think?


Kimi said...

Ew. Me no likey mutton chops. Good thing he's so cute!
Can't wait to see the play!!!!!!!

Si said...

WHat happened to SKYE MAsterson????

Melanie said...

Uh ya, not so great, the chops I mean. Addison, he is great.

MCC said...

Watch out Hugh!