Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Which witch?

Wayne is in China and I'm a witch!
These two statements don't really go together, except they do.
When he's gone....I'm lost.  I'm retrospective and anxious.
I tend to get in dark moods and cackle. My personal hygiene is less than stellar.  I even found a mole on my face with a long hair growing out of it.....so much for lazer hair removal!
I stay up too late watching dumb tv shows, which result in dark under eye circles.
I make potions food-- I like to stir things in big cauldrons, pots, and I eat children... a lot!
It's a good thing I don't own ANY black clothing or I would be wearing it night and day!

I fancy myself a very independent woman-- I tried to be a total feminist in college. I don't need men!
But I NEED me some Wayne.
I'm a witch!

Actual conversation with Laila:

Laila:  What are you being for Halloween?
Me: I'm being a witch
Laila:  You are always a witch
Me:  No I'm not
Laila:  Yes, even when you are not a witch, you are a witch
Me:  What does that mean?  What about last year when I had orange hair and green lips and looked like a pumpkin?
Laila:  yeah......A pumpkin witch
Me:  What if I don't dress up at all then?
Laila:  You would still be a witch in disguise.


gma vh said...

When you have a daughter, you soon realize you are out of your league. They have memories that are secretly recording this and at the same time, in their head, they are swearing they'll never be like that to THEIR children.

Melanie said...


Kimi said...

Aaahahahahahahaha! You two are hilarious!

Stecky said...

I always state that I ride my broom all year.
Thanks for the wonderful choreography at the BHS choral concert. It really added to my Halloween celebration. I so enjoyed the concert. Did you do the glowing hands also?