Thursday, October 22, 2009

One year Later...

Today is the one year anniversary of  Laila hitting her head at the Annie rehearsal.  
I've been thinking a lot about this today.
  When I think about what could have happened and what did truly was a miracle!
As a reminder:
Laila was an orphan in BHS's Annie musical.  She was at one of the first choreography rehearsals for "Hard Knock Life."  Cousin Megan was in charge.  Laila was walking on high school girl's backs, then getting to the top and acting like Ms. Hannigan, ordering everyone around.  The girls who should have been holding her up and helping her, slipped, and Laila fell from about 5 feet right onto a hard wood, stage floor.
She whacked the back of her head.
She cried, but wasn't bleeding.
There was no goose egg....she was just sad.
When rehearsal ended, Megan dropped her off and told me about the accident.
I gave Laila some tylenol and held her.
I was supposed to be flying off to China that night at 9-- for a 10 day trip with Wayne and two other couples, the Belnaps and Farleys.  Wayne was already in China.... ( just like he is in China as I recall this).
I tried to keep Laila awake.  It was difficult to see if her eyes were dilated.  (They are so black already.)   There was no place to indicate where we should hold ice.
  I held her and she stopped crying and fell asleep.
I was sure I would be leaving to China in the next 3 hours.
20 minutes into Laila's nap, she sat up and threw up everywhere, then I lifted her on to my lap and her bowels released...she was completely unresponsive. 
Landon and I raced her to the emergency room-- 2 minutes away-- thank goodness........
Then everything began to spiral out of control.
Xrays and Brain scans resulted in.....
Laila had a cracked skull.
Laila had bleeding on the brain.
Laila 's brain was swelling.
Laila had concussive symptoms.
Laila's breathing stopped.
Laila was given a quick blessing by Addison and Grandpa Lyle, then she was life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital.
It was a parent's nightmare.
We prayed and received blessings and had so much family and friend support during this time.  We called on angels to bless this sweet baby girl.
The first night at Primaries was a huge ordeal....if she made it through the night we would have hope.  She would be here for a month or two...but she would live.
It was a sleepless night, with me and my sweet sis Marcie keeping vigil.
More xrays and brain scans.
Laila's cracked skull was gone.
Laila's swelling was gone.
Laila's concussive symptoms were gone.
Laila's bleeding on the brain was gone.
Laila's breathing on her own.
Four days later, just as Wayne was getting off of the "Slow boat" from China, we were being released from Primary Children's Hospital.
I'm so glad to have this extra time/days/months and hopefully years with my baby girl.
My sweet Laila is such a blessing to me and this family of mine.
Thinking about what was happening a year ago, has been a good reminder of God's Love for me  and Laila.
This traumatic experience was a real testimony builder.  I know we are being watched over and blessed.  I'm a Believer in Miracles!


Stephen said...
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Si said...

That was a year ago? Wow time flies. Love your little girl. Miracles Happen. Yes, that's our theme.

Lesley said...

I remember hearing when this happened. Laila is a darling girl and such a gift to your family. I'm so glad that all was well. Miracles do happen.

Kimi said...

I can't believe that was a year ago! I don't even want to imagine life without our Laila. Thanks for letting us play with her last night. I'm sure she had a great time helping us remove all the wallpaper from the hallway! I think her favorite part was squirting us all with a spray bottle! We couldn't have done it without her. Haha! She is definitely the spice in all of our lives.