Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fly Bird, Fly

Landon is leaving his first apartment of the past 6 months....the scary one by the Gateway with Homeless people, drug dealers and indigents... and moving over to the west side of Capitol Hill with his friend Josh.
This is a big step for Landon and Josh....... and it's a big step for me.
Landon and Josh are making this apartment their home.

Landon is 21.
Landon can do what he wants.
Landon pretty much does what he wants.
I love this son of mine.
He is a joy to talk to and be with.  He is fun and funny.
Landon needs a better paying job.
Landon needs to finish his CNA test  to be able to work nursing part time.
Landon needs to get a car.
Landon needs to get back into College.

Why do I know what Landon needs, yet his is not my life to lead?

It's interesting and hard to have children grow up.
Free Agency stinks some times.
I have two adult sons, yet I still want to be in charge of them, telling them what to do  and bailing them out, even though I know I shouldn't be doing that anymore.

It's strange to move to this new level of parenting.
I really wanted to push these birds out of my nest; I looked forward to it.
But it's challenging when I see them fall and not fly.

I hope this apartment life change is one that will allow Landon to fly.
I want him to  find his way in this world and be happy.
I love this little bird


Melanie said...

You are such a great example of a strong and devoted Mother, in fact I think you are the Ultimate Mother Of Zion!

Lesley said...

It really was much easier when they were little ones at home. It didn't seem like it then, but it was. You're a good Mom.

Si said...

I love this little tweetie too.