Sunday, October 18, 2009


Landon loves his new apartment on Capitol Hill....but there isn't a really close grocery store.... anywhere.
He has to trek his food in from blocks and blocks away.  He doesn't have a car since he totaled his last May.
Landon went to the grocery store and they had such great deals, that he bought way too much for him to carry.
He carried it anyway.
Bag after plastic bag on each arm.
He muscle-manned it block after block.
Finally, when he was in Temple Square, ready to begin his one last hill, the plastic bags broke...."all at the same time."  This wouldn't have been as bad, had his phone been working, but no charge.
No luck.
He was  sad, frantic, mad, crazy and didn't know quite what to do.
Landon started praying....for angels... for anybody....for somebody to help him.  After awhile, two sister missionaries approached Landon and asked what was up?  He told them his bag-breaking , no-phone experience and they said, " No problem."
  They offered to pick up his groceries and walk up the hill to his apartment with him.
He was shocked!
He couldn't believe how kind and generous they were being.
They were his "angels"!
The sisters helped Landon deliver his groceries to his front lawn.  They told him to get better bags for his next grocery trek or a hand cart, and they were off.
Landon reported,  "I knew that God loved me in that moment when those angel sisters came to my aid."

This experience reminded me of a great quote by Spencer W. Kimball.
I love this quote that my sweet friend Paula (Happy Bithday)  calligraphied for my home.

"God does notice us, and he watches over us.  But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs."

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What a great story!