Sunday, August 30, 2009

You think it's easy being the tooth fairy?

Laila has lost yet another tooth....she has three missing from her mouth now... Light a candle on her tongue and call her MRS. Jack-o-lantern...
It is so cute... she has a checkerboard smile!
This tooth came out yesterday while she was trying to get plastic off of some sucker.... she bit, she pulled and voila...the tooth was out.  She has decided this must be the very best way to lose a tooth because she didn't even know it was gone, and it didn't hurt!
Well........she put her tooth under her pillow with the high hopes and anticipation of yet, another tooth dollar.  
Do you think it's easy being the toothfairy?
I just can't remember to follow through on anything past 10 at night..... (sorry honey)
I was awakened this morning by a little brown face with a sorrowful expression holding up her lonely tooth saying, "The tooth fairy forgot."
"Crap"....I thought..... I jumped into an explanation.....
"Well honey, you know our house lights were on all night because Addison started driving home from Yellowstone at midnight.  If the lights are on the Tooth fairy can't come--- so we'll make sure all of the lights get off tonight, so she can make it through."
Laila thought about this with a puzzled expression....then walked away.  
This seemed to satisfy.
Now if the toothfairy can only remember to come tonight.
It's not easy being the toothfairy.


erin noelle said...

That happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME Sydney loses a tooth. I haven't used that one. I usually use the "oh your window must have been locked." OR the "Let's go look harder" and find that it must have slipped out and landed under her bed.

D2Quilter said...

We have TOTALLY had to do the explanation thing. I have a couple of years to remember some good excuses, cuz we'll be there soon. Aaahhh!!

Sheri Ann said...

You're right. It's NOT easy being the tooth fairy! HA!

Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

Si said...

Been there.

Stecky said...

Melinda- Becky Johnson visiting you....I always forgot teeth. I solved the problem by putting a big old hairbrush in my pillow as soon as I knew there was a missing tooth. when I got in bed tired and ready to sleep, I remembered the tooth!I am so glad I am not in that stage anymore. My grand daughter spent the night on Thursday..It wasn't a sleep over, because she didn't sleep! glad to have found your blog. I will check often. Love you!