Monday, August 24, 2009


T's GONE...... he is off to College and moving out of our home.
I can't believe this day is really here.
I've been fighting, I mean....thinking a lot about Tru.......lately.
In honor of his leaving the nest, I've come up with the following Tru-isms:
T is for Talented..... he sings beautifully, makes great movies, takes great pics, is an artist and a t-shirt designer. He is also a big TEASE....and loves to have his sister screaming!
R is for Really funny...sarcastic....crazy... a Really good friend. Truman has a lot of different groups of friends he hangs out with. He is always gone doing something R could also stand for Really late Returning!
U is for Urban of his favorite stores...he likes the urban look, and anything D.I. and funky. Laila said U is for "u-riginal."
M is for Mission bound..... and "he looka like-a MAN!!!"
A is for Attitude...his is usually helpful and good, except when it's not ....and.....Always looking for the next greatest song, band, techno gadget, trend....etc..
N is for Nice....he likes Nice things and likes to keep his stuff "nice." He's also Nice to his lil sis.
I Love this middle child of mine!
He looks the most like me, and probably, if I step back from my mom perspective, and view him objectively, he acts the most like me.
We are all about freedom, friends, and fun!
Examples of Truman fun:
Get in Garbage bags with leg holes. Tie it up and around your head, so you can still see out.. Then ring a stranger's door bell and sit with your back to the door on a step. The stranger opens his door and sees full garbage bags sitting on his porch. "Hmmmm?" thinks the stranger.... "what's this?" As he walks towards the bags, you (meaning Tru in the bag) jumps up and runs away, scaring the stranger to death!
Go to the Blvd and see a lone jogger. Drive your car the exact same speed as the jogger, with your windows down, playing some crazy cuckaracha music. Smile and nod....but just keep driving the exact same speed as the jogger, whether he slows down or speeds up..... What? It's fun!
I love Tru


erin noelle said...

He's a total yellow. Love how you appreciate him.

Brooke Shoko said...

i love this and i love truman! awesome awesome
usu is perfect for him!

Melanie said...

Ahhhh I miss him so much already!

Si said...

Truman + Brookie.