Friday, August 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday on Friday

1. I'm thankful that The Beatles Bash BBQ for Adults....(sounds like it should be rated R).... was a success.
We had over 200 people in the Belnap's front yard.
Eric cooked and smoked and BBQ'd to his hearts content. He had smoked chicken and pulled pork and smoked turkey and brisket all ready to be devoured.
We had salads and desserts -- all tasty-- coming out of our ears, thanks to wonderful friends and family.
We had a great assortment of people and ages in attendance, and the Beatles Band was fun, fun, fun!
All Beatles music, all night. LOVED IT!
Most guests thought of this venue/party as a concert. I looked at it as a reason to dance.
Only about 15 other people, besides me, viewed it this same way.
Oh well.... we had a great time dancing on the sidelines, and entertaining the chair sitters with our choreographic antics.
The night got coooler, and Laura was pulling blankets and sweaters out of her house for freezing people. I, on the other hand, was working up a sweat doing my best jerk/twist/swim/pony to Paper Back Writer, Hard Days Night and Elenore Rigby.
I was hot!!! ( That's what Wayne always says, anyway)
So much fun.
The crazy thing is, we did this party on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock....we had no idea.

Anyway......we will do it year--- different band...maybe country western or oldies, or big band sound, but, same idea with food, fixings and friends.

Hopefully next time we will have more dancers and not so many sitters.....but probably not.

2. I'm thankful to be back from West Yellowstone and seeing Addison for my fifth and final time I took Laila and 9 year old niece Savannah with me this time. We went to Bear Country and saw 4 Bear, up close and personal, and 5 wolves. We also went into the park swam in Firehole and hiked to Mystic Falls. At the top we all sat in the shade and listed 10 things we are thankful for. IT was a good exercise.... physically and mentally. The beauty of nature really does astound me. I'm so thankful Heavenly Father made this for us. I think it's a reminder of heaven.

3. I'm thankful for Addison and his summer stock experience at the Playmill.
Addison's knee is still bruised, but the swelling is going down, finally, and he doesn't let it stop him on stage. "The Show Must Go On." He really is such a nice, sweet, spiritual, talented guy......I'm so happy he's my son!

4. I'm thankful for school to be starting! It will be good to be back to a scripture/prayer routine. We really let this slide in the summer.... I just hope the second coming doesn't happen in the summer or the Welch's are IN BIG TROUBLE!
It will also be good to have a bedtime/routine for Laila. IT's difficult to remember in this adult household, to actually put her to bed. There are so many nights when it's 11:00 and Laila is up playing, watching a movie or chatting with us all.

5. I'm thankful that I have a wonderful husband who is whisking me away to one of my favorite cities in just ten days! "NYC.....what is it about you?" I'm looking forward to running away to New York!!!!

6. I'm thankful!


Brian and Shanna said...

I love your thankful thursdays! The Bash sounded like tons of fun!! And I'm super excited that you get to got o NYC! I've only been once, but I want to go many many more times, I LOVED it!!

erin noelle said...

yeah--that party pretty much rocked

Lesley said...

I loved your post. I was so disappointed we couldn't come to the bash, Mike was playing at someone else's bash. I hope you'll invite us next year. I can totally relate to what you said about Laila growing up in an adult household, it was the same way for Caitlin. Mike will be so jealous to hear of how many times you went o his favorite place in the world; Yellowstone. Have a great time in NY.

Melanie said...

What?????? You are going to NYC WITHOUT me?????????????????????