Friday, August 28, 2009

Monson rituals

Sumfall is here, or should I say...Sumtumn.....
(That's a new word that describes the end of summer or the unofficial beginning of fall, it is not a chinese sushi dish)
........and so is Football!
We will now have 10 weeks of Friday night football dates......and Thursday afternoon ball as well.
We will sit on bleachers in the heat and in snow storms.
We will eat our fair share of stadium food.
We will be out of control, trying to stay in control while watching the games.
Speaking of control......
Monson has begun his football rituals...
He has to make himself an orange julius.
He has to have a footlong, chicken breast Subway sandwich the day of the game.
 He has to play a little Halo and  listen to some tunes-- I don't know what exactly.  It's on his ipod and his head bounces when he listens to it.
I'm just glad that's all it is.  I'm glad he will allow me to wash his stuff.....jersey, pants etc...and that he doesn't have to wear the same underwear every game.
It's okay to have ritual, I tell him.  Just don't be superstitious.
You are in control, not your pre-game actions or clothing choices.

Speaking of control...I have none.

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