Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Bicker Brothers

Having 4 sons all two years apart can pose it's fair share of challenges.
My boys fight over the craziest things.
I named them all the bicker brothers years ago.
We've gone through the normal childhood tiffs about toys and toughness and moved on to the teenage ones about messes, clothes, turns to drive cars and goofy friends.
They fight about who is the stinkiest, who is the strongest, who is the smartest, who is the cutest, who gets shot gun, what music to listen to, what tv shows are crap, what girls are hot.
When any wrestling happened, it was only allowed downstairs or outside; that usually put an end to it.
But verbal fighting goes on and on at my house. Maybe the word "fight" is too about....verbal one-upping?

Even though they are all growing up, they are 16, 18, 21,23, and going their separate ways, it amazes me what they will spend energy and arguments on....and enjoy doing it.

Case #1. Harry particular, the latest movie. This is what I hear around my house, " It was a fine movie, but not true enough to book six. What's the deal with all of the snogging? Why did they cut out the major fight scene at the end of the book?"....18 is adamant about this. 21 tells him he's crazy , movies never follow the books. 16 doesn't care about this movie, but is wondering about casting choices. 23 is in Yellowstone so this bicker session is lost on him. If he were around....he would definitely participate.

It seems having an opinion and having it expressed loudly is an important dynamic of the bicker brothers.

Case #2 Avatar. 18 is a self proclaimed expert on what kind of avatar everyone is. He's named me a water bender.....and Wayne's an earth bender..... If I say I'm an air bender.....I'm totally wrong and all logic is thrown out the window and the fight begins. Well 21 thinks he's an earth bender....he's not. Just ask 18. 16 is an earth bender. I'm confused. The fight continues.

Case #3 Who is the best driver? 16 insists he is, although every time he pulls into a parking space or our drive way I scream. I'm sure he's going to hit the car in the next stall. 21 has had many issues recently with accidents, and bad eye sight....doesn't really like to drive, but he's the safest, best driver...just ask him. 18 loves to drive, just not a stick shift. His new/old car is a stick shift. He has never gotten a ticket, thus , he's the best driver. 23 only gets parking tickets at Weber. He drove to Yellowstone with out issue and on his mission. He is the best driver even though he keeps locking his keys (both sets) in his car.

Case #4. Who is mom's favorite son? They all think they are...this is good for me....but their arguments are sound. I favor and disfavor them all equally.

Anyway...the bickering continues. I don't enjoy the tone or the loudness but I'm glad they are communicating about something.


Melanie said...

It is always so good to hear that my boys are not the only ones bickering. Some days I just want to kick them out the door and let them fight away.

Lesley said...

I loved reading about the "Bicker Brothers"; I'm still picturing them as little boys. Glad you found my blog, and that I found yours too. Isn't blogging great!?!