Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Weigh in

That's what the scale reads this atleast I'm going down instead of up.

I walked to lunch today. My crazy exercise buddy suggested we walk to Plate and Palates and get someone to meet us there, and then drive us back home. Walk 3 miles so we can eat....sounds like a plan.

We switched gears a little bit in an effort to get someone to pick us up....we ended up walking to Wingers instead, and then walking back. Not up the hill, just to BHS. It was still a great plan. Si was actually so starving by the time we got there, that she "found" something to eat at Wingers besides just the popcorn.
It was awfully funny... Si and I were sweaty and parched when we showed up to lunch. We usually are glamorous and beautiful.....or maybe that's two other chicks. I get confused and delusional in the sun.

I'm thinking of mapping out how far each Bountiful restaurant is from my home, and walking to each of these, and having lunch, once a week.
It's just like parking really , really, really far away in a really, really, really big parking lot.
If I lived in NYC...or when I'm on vacay, I actually walk a lot. I wouldn't think a thing about walking 3 miles to lunch....but I'm in Bountiful.
I have a car.
Maybe I'll call this my effort to be more environmentally aware. Save on gas and all that....

When you live to eat....then walking to eat isn't that bad.


Kimi said...

I'll do what I can to encourage your good fitness habits and help you stick to your goal by meeting you at an eatery each week and offering you a ride home.
It's what I'm here for; I'm here for you.

Lisa said...

I found you on the MMB. I am trying to lose weight too but you are what I would look like in my dreams. :) Good job on your weight loss.