Thursday, May 28, 2009

So thankful Thursday

1. I got to go to the zoo today as a parent chaperone for Laila's first grade class. I was only in charge of three little girls. You think that would be easy, but they were all different personalities. One stayed right by my side and read the map and decided where we should go next. One was always lagging 20 feet behind....distracted and tired. One was always running ahead shouting, "Hurry up....come on!"
Guess which one is Laila?
Laila is not much of a hand holder. She loves life and jumps in with two feet and then some. She ran from animal to animal and only stopped when a shiny water ball offered a bit of fun, or a drink from a lion's mouth, or a spray from an elephant's trunk. She giggles and laughs and runs. I love this about her. I'm thankful she is not afraid. I'm thankful she doesn't "need" me.

2. I'm thankful Laila let me know, in a note, what to pack us both for lunch today- she didn't want me to "wing" it.
Zoo lunch list
2 water bottles
2 sandwiches
2 apples
1 yogurt crush cup
1 brownie
82 grapes
Laila is very much in charge.

3. I'm thankful for sunny days and Grandma Butters pool!

4. I'm thankful Truman loves to sing-- The Choir Concert was great. So awesome to see the kids and hear fun Disney music. It was a little sad to think this is Truman's last choir experience.....

5. I'm thankful for friends who like trying new restaurants and love to eat.

6. I'm thankful my teenage sons are okay with having me at the high school doing choreography and hanging around their friends.

7. I'm thankful I'm running away to Yellowstone to see my Addison for his 23rd birthday!

8. I'm thankful for summer!

9. I'm thankful

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