Monday, May 4, 2009

Bring it on!

How a typical Welch Sunday should run--
Wayne get's up at 5:45 and gets in the shower and quietly gets dressed and leaves for his Stake meetings by 6:15... He is in stake/ward/high council meetings all day til around 5, when he comes home to have a traditional roast beef and mashed potato dinner as a family.

I usually sleep in til nine. I'm trying to teach Laila about sleep in Saturday and sleep in Sunday....nine is the magic waking hour. She can't talk to me until then.
THen we watch spongebob square pants, eat some breakfast, and get in the tub or shower to clean up for our day. We put Mo-tab on the stereo. We wake the boys up around ten, and then head to Choir practice at eleven. Prep for my sunday school lesson. We get dinner started in the oven, then go to church at one.
We LOVE church..... seriously, we do.
Home by four and dinner at five.....
We visit our grandparents from six to eight and then come home for family game night...bed by ten.
Sunday's are lovely!


Wayne woke me up at 5:45am, screaming in pain and holding his chest. He was doubled over in pain and couldn't breathe. I threw some clothes on, left my sleeping children, and raced Wayne down to Lakeview hospital. He was having major chest pain....a heart attack? Wayne's pain was immense--- an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.....
We got checked in, the bishop was up early to give Wayne a blessing and tests began ....he had multiple EKG's, blood tests, Kat scan, chest xray, gamma-ray nuclear imaging test--more blood tests....and finally an Angiogram around 4 in the afternoon. The doctor went in with the idea of a possible angioplasty..... She found a good, healthy heart with only one left artery that looked a little constricted, but still had good blood flow.
Wayne was(is) still in a lot of pain....what's causing it?
The problem with all of Wayne's tests were they looked great.... then his blood enzymes would spike, then the next test looked a bit funny....then the next test looked great.... as a result Wayne had to stay over night for more blood tests and an ecocardiogram this morning.

His chest still hurts.

The doctor's have concluded that a viral infection in the lining of Wayne's heart is causing the pain.

We had many family and friends stop by to check on Wayne and see how he was doing, and see how to help my little family. I'ts great to have so much help. Truman, Monson and Laila were pretty much on their own all day....good thing they had multiple dinner offers, and got to eat at the Farley's with Laila enjoying a sleep over there , as well, so she could get off to school this morning.

(I was supposed to take off around 2 to head to St. George for another three days of testing for my job.... sun, fun, work, sun, you get the can do.... that got canceled pretty quickly.)

The boys brought Laila by last night to see her daddy...she was very concerned. She quietly approached Wayne in his bed and asked what the doctors told him, and then whispered, with elephant tears in her eyes..."you could have died."

While all of the trauma of Wayne and his heart is happening, Landon called around 4:30 and reported (cried) that he had gotten in another car accident. This time in my Prius. He was coming home from following Addison up to West Yellowstone....the rain was coming down, and Landon hydroplaned and spun around twice, flew off the freeway and into a muddy ditch. The back bumper of Master P is off and the windshield is cracked. Landon is unharmed. He is majorly shook up and is wondering about his relationships with cars, but okay-- the car is a mess. A tow truck had to pull him back onto the freeway ( cha-ching) and then he limped the car home.

...... you gotta love it baby!

After a good night's sleep, I'm ready to face all of the "mess" that was my yesterday. What a difference a day makes...


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness Melinda!!!! I had no idea any of this was happening. I hope everything gets worked out today. Let me know if I can help. And I would have to say that Landon is supposed to learn a thing or two! Makes my hospital stay sound like nothing.

Brian and Shanna said...

I'm sorry. I hope that they can figure out what happened with Wayne, and that things get better. And I'm glad that Landon didn't get hurt. We're thinking about you guys.

Kimi said...

Last night at dinner someone said, "This has got to be Melinda's worst Sunday ever," or something like that. But then I thought of the Sunday when you took the roast out and spilled piping hot roast juice all over your legs. So I don't know.

I do think it might be Wayne's and possibly Landeee's worst Sunday ever. Unless Wayne's first day of lifelong dizziness and nausea was on a Sunday and Landeee's death-defying accident a couple of weeks ago was on a Sunday, too? Nah...couldn't be!

You've got great perspective and a good attutude, so I know you'll all be fine--I hope!!!

At least we know Andie and Laila had a great time--and even got some sleep!

Dede said...

Oh my, what a horribly stress-filled day! I'm SO glad to hear that everyone is going to be okay, and that it is all turning out okay. You've got a good attitude. I DON'T love adversity! Thoughts and prayers headed your way!

Mark and Jill said...

I couldn't believe what a day it was. Always so amazed how calm you are. Glad Wayne is okay. Glad Landon is okay. CRAZY. Love ya

Si said...

I LOVE the button that says "love you like a fat kid loves cake." oh my. You are a riot.
Oh, and the SUnday drama. Maybe Wayne has hung out with you for so many years, he now NEEDS drama in his life too. Guess what my word verification is: "binge". ha