Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend and it's raining again!
I'm always sad when it's a rainy on this weekend. I think its heaven crying for all those who have left this world.....or maybe crying for those of us who are still here.

I miss my Grandpa Butters. He was a huge influence on my life. He passed away when I was pregnant with Monson, 17 years ago. When my Monson was born a red-head.... I just knew Grandpa had something to do with that and was smiling down on me.
Grandpa Butters was a member of a self appointed "wonderful" committee. He worked as a hair dresser for 40 plus years, so he really knew how to shmooze the ladies. He always said and did the right thing, making everyone feel wonderful. I always felt special in his presence.
I loved working along side Grandpa during the summer. He let me help him with his yard work and some pool painting projects. He could paint and not get a drop on him. He let me paint and get messy. Maybe that's why I like painting still today.... it reminds me of my dashing Grandfather. Queen Elizabeth Roses, Mint Milano Cookies, "As I have loved you , love one another" and black combs all bring back sweet memories of my wonderful grandpa.

I miss my sweet father in law Tom. He died 5 years ago. We went to his grave side tonight as the whole Welch family and sat in a big circle and shared memories and feelings about this good man. He was such a good man. Such a hardworker and really genuine. He cared for so many people and worked so hard. He had large, caloused hands-- never soft-- because he was always working. He left a legacy of work with all of his children.
When the going gets tough the tough just keep on working.
I met him when I was 15 and couldn't believe that he was a high school Auto shop and Math teacher, and worked at the Wonder bread bakery at night and took care of church yards. He always had three jobs going to support his family of 11. Amazing!
Tom was always after the good deal, and would call me up and share where I should be shopping this week. He loved driving up to the family cabin and fixing things up. He was so talented with cars, and always there to help when something went wrong.
Laila got to know her grandpa when she was a wee babe. Wanee had her every other day while I was working at the High School. I'm glad Laila has fond memories of Grandpa Welch singing "Here's a ball for Baby", playing dolls with her and helping him/her walk around the living room.

There are other great people I miss too. Danny Black, Bubba Belnap, Mike Sant, Greg Alsop, Lamont Erickson, Kim Madsen, Ashleigh Leger, LeGrand Richter, Sarah..... all people who left my world much too soon. I miss them, and the sky is crying.

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Kimi said...

So sweet, Melinda. And a great tribute to your two fathers.