Friday, May 15, 2009

Breaking the Bank

Laila has a field trip to the Zoo….

She wants me to go as a chaperone. I checked the calendar and gave her the all clear.

This morning the money was due. As she was heading out the door, she reminded me and showed me the permission sign up paper.

I owe $6.00 to be a ZOO-parent.

I check my wallet…no cash….only change. With Wayne out of town, my personal cashier isn’t around. It’s amazing to me how he can always pull hundred dollar bills out of his wallet,, yet I can only scrounge up 54 cents. Hmmmm?

I pull out my check book, to write a six dollar check. Laila goes APE….CASH ONLY…. the zoo paper says.

I try to convince her that a check is just like cash. She laughs like a hyena and adamantly says…..”it must be cash , or you can’t go.” Elephant tears well up in her eyes. I consider emailing her teacher and explaining my lack of cash dilemma. NEW IDEA! Quick as a …..what animal is quick… a fox? Instead…. we head for our change jars. I count up $6.00 using quarters, nickels ,dimes and 10 pennies. Seal it in an envelope and proud as a peacock I hand it over to my cute little monkey.

Crisis averted.

I thought about her handing over the bulging change envelope to her teacher with a smile.

It really looks like the recession is hitting the Welch home big time.

We are breaking open piggy banks just to go to the zoo.


Kimi said...

Oh, it's just until Wayne gets back, and then he'll be tossing hundies around again.

erin noelle said...

what does a hundred dollar bill look like??

D2Quilter said...

reminds me how many times I've filled out or signed a school paper in crayon, or colored pencil cuz we can't find a pen!!

barbyb said...

Hello. Do we still have a TELEPHONE? Do you still have my number?. . . . . . Barbyb usually has a couple of dollar bills in the seat cushions or something. . . . .